Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called include:

Amanda M. Fenwick, 25, of 1004 Park Ave., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Tanner Stump, 25, of 2418 Red Coach Dr., drug paraphernalia offense, bench warrant ordered, bond $500.

Tanner M. Stump, 25, OVI, bench warrant ordered, bond $5,000, OVI, bench warrant ordered, 12 point suspended, bench warrant ordered, disregard of safety, bench warrant ordered.

Kenneth Burgess, 57, of Columbus, theft, guilty, 180 days of jail, 180 days jail, consecutive to 19crb03006, subject to review on payment of restitution in the amount of $4,000.00 at Walmart.

Aaron J. Marlow, 34, of Dayton, domestic violence reduced to disorderly conduct, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 30 days jail, suspended on no offenses involving, mother of brother prior to 12/8/2021, pay costs, by 3/8/21, remain medication compliant, keep MH appointments, assault, dismissed.

Jacob A. McQuistion, 32, of Springfield, resisting arrest, dismissed - prosecutor request, criminal trespass, guilty, 30 days of jail, credit for time served, unknown sentence, 30 days jail, CTS.

Ulys Estes, 54, of 380 Sherman Ave., OVI, continued, referred to 3-day program, OVI/breath, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.

Chrishana D. Peterson, 32, of 1732 W. High St., criminal damaging, continued, PD appointed.

Ronnie Walker, 25, of Dayton, drug abuse marijuana, dismissed, OVI, dismissed, OVI/breath, continued, DUS, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed, speed, dismissed.

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