Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Nyra Sue Coburn, 55, of 1750 Baker Road Lot 29, theft, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.

Donald Allen Craig III, 40, of 218 N. Greenmount Apt. 3, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, or bond.

Danyelle N. Everage, 33, of 1121 1/2 W. High St., DUS- operator’s license forfeiture, continued, bond $1,000.

Danyelle N. Everage, 33, of 1121 W. High St. Apt. Half, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, PD appointed, or bond.

Cristal Leon, 35, of 533 E. Southern Ave., criminal damaging, no contest, guilty, assessed costs $100.

Maurice L. Lester, 37, of 809 S. Center St., domestic violence, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact/not to be 500 feet Southern Ave., no jailable offenses, or bond.

Ricky D. Rollins, 38, of 275 S. Belmont St., sexual battery, innocent, continued, eligible INT.

John Booth, 48, of 1129 Heard Ave., DUS, bench warrant ordered, no operator’s license, bench warrant ordered, unauthorized plates, bench warrant ordered.

Freddie L. Davis, 44, of 201 E. Mulberry, domestic violence, dismissed - indicted.

Jarrod A. Hoosier, 30, of 3441 Liv Moor Drive, falsification, bench warrant ordered, obstructing official business, bench warrant ordered.

Jessica Hurley, 36, of 39 E. Cassilly St., physical control, continued, open container, dismissed.

Tony T. Murray Tony Jr., 24, of 115 W. Southern Ave., OVI, continued, OVI/breath, dismissed, failure to control, dismissed.

Jesse A. Tincher, 34, of 1107 Skinner Lane, OVI, continued, failure to control, dismissed.