Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0538: Melissa Brakeall, Paisley Clark, minor v. Ohio Department of Medicaid, Latasha Rife, personal injury.

22CV0539: Kathleen McCool v. Elijah Godsil, Godsil Services, LLC, breach of contract.

22CV0540: Bejamin Edwards v. A&B Asphalt Corporation, Stephanie McCloud, administrator, bureau of workers comp appeal.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Alyssa Turner, 21, of New Carlisle, none and Alexsander Bernardino, 21, of New Carlisle, roofer.

Lucknel Verdier, 35, of Springfield, worker and Beslene Estima, 23, of Springfield, worker.

Cheryl DeGroat Dover, 62, of Springfield, minority business developer and Kareen Ayers, 69, of Springfield, semi retired.

Andrew King, 38, of Springfield, emergency physician and Kara Armstrong, 36, of Springfield, physical therapist.

Anna Lyons, 20, of Springfield, stay at home mom and Shaun Fleming, Jr., 31, of Springfield, tree arborist.

Property transfers:

Dorothy L. Minor to Becky Minor Thompson, 805 S. Western Ave., Springfield; none.

Johann E. Pedrick to Pamela Hoffer, 1451 W. First St., Springfield; none.

Scott Royal Smith, trustee to Alise Thomas Dorinsvil and Reneika Thomas, 822-824 Grant St., Springfield; $60,000.

Michael and Ariana Crissinger to Brick and Keys, Inc., 330 N. Jackson St., Springfield; $44,000.

Elida G. Freeman to Ramon Glenn, 31 N. Race St., Springfield; $13,500.

Samuel F. and Rachel J. Egger, trustees to Janet L. Vorst, trustee, 1978 Westgate Road, Springfield; none.

Samuel F. and Rachel J. Egger, trustees to Janet L. Vorst, trustee, 1635-1637 W. Jefferson St., Springfield; none.

Bryan L. Smith to Matthew E. Slusher, 2135 Tanager Road, Springfield; $125,900.