Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property transfers:

Patricia A. Nibert to Howard P. Miller, 44 Jamestown Road, South Charleston; $125,000

Spencer C. Wright and Brittany L. Wical to Spencer C. and Brittany L. Wright, 350 Clifton Road, South Charleston; no fee

Delfin S. Salcedo and Dan K. Lewis to Delfin S. Salcedo, 3260 Rocky Point Road, Springfield; no fee

Kenneth L. Fyffe to Kyle M. Bussey and Jennifer N. Smith, Rebert Park, Springfield; $70,000

Marvin J. and Karen L. Israel to Marvin J. Israel, 1941 Old Mill Road, Springfield; no fee

Barbara K. Markeson and Carol S. Fugate to Barbara K. Markeson, 2704 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; $67,500

Burnett Group LLC to Mills and Co Real Estate LLC, 5726 Dayton-Springfield Road, Springfield; $77,500

Jenna J. Logan to Mark and Jamie Sanford, 3983 Enon-Xenia Road, Fairborn; $205,000

Eric S. and Ashely M. Jensen to Ernest and Kristy Rothgeb, 8138 Dayton-Springfield Road, Fairborn; $115,000

Sophia W. Fugate Turstee to Robin Roberts and Teresa Adkins, 5229 Hahn Ave., Fairborn; no fee

Robin Roberts and Teresa Adkins to Jacob Berner, 5229 Hahn Ave., Fairborn; $100,000

Patricia A. Neel to Jackie W. and Sharon K. Nickols, 7024 Creekside Circle, Fairborn; $250,000

David E. Sigler to Marilyn Louise Sigler, 2915 Hustead Road, Springfield; no fee

Ralph F. Wade to Stephen Douglas and Kerri Lynn Day, 3919 Acreview Ave., Springfield; $228,000

Kimberly Sue Sidensitck to Tamara S. Thomas, 260 Green Valley Dr., Enon; $125,000

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