Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0320: Caleb Willhight v. Donato’s Pizza, Stephanie McCloud administrator, Viking Group Inc., bureau of workers compensation appeal.

20CV0321: Cheryl White v. Nelson Smith, personal injury.

20CV0322: Home City Federal Savings Bank of Springfield, The Richwood Banking Company v. Duplex Mill & Manufacturing LLC, Eric Wise, cognovit.

20CV0323: Arthur Midkiff, Linda Midkiff v. Erie Auto Insurance Group, Sharon Porter, United Healthcare, personal injury.

20CV0324: Harold Joseph v. S&H Machine Products Houston Maching Products Inc., Stephanie McCloud administrator Bureau of Workers' Compensation, bureau of workers' compensation appeal.

Property transfers:

Craig A. and Kristen L. Stephens to Joshua E. Wills and Mindy K. Deel, 600 Snider Road, New Carlisle; $160,000

Roger L. and Patricia A. Overdorf to Jennifer A. and John W. Priest, 880 Free Road, New Carlisle; $360,000

Don F. and Janet P. Henman to Don F. Henman, 1471 N. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Hal Don Properties LLC to Kellee L. Murley, 498 Lammes Lane, New Carlisle; $258,000

James and Shirley S. Bladen to Shirley S. Bladen, 9710 Willis Way, Medway; no fee

David R. and Pamela K. Neubauer to Mallory Roberts, 111 E. Main St., Medway; $108,000

Melvin M. and Kathy E. French to Jack A. Patton, 1225 Whaley Road, New Carlisle; $130,000

Jarrod A. Woodbury and Shawn M. Tucker to Paul A. and Elizabeth D. Clifton, 856 Filmore Ave., New Carlisle; $103,000

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