Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0509: Diane Lowe v. Morghanne Reisinger, action for money.

22CV0510: JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association v. Clark County Treasurer, James Davenport, James R. Davenport, Megan Davenport, Midland Funding LLC dba Midland Funding DE LLC, foreclosure.

22CV0511: The Estate of Isabelle Conley v. Jessie Pierson, wrongful death.

22CV0512: Tori Fritschie, minor v. Jessie Pierson, personal injury.

22CV0513: NewRez LLC D/B/A Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing v. Clinton Huffman, Tiffany Huffman, Jan Doe, Name Unknown, Spouse of Clinton Huffman, if any, Tiffany Sparks, State Ohio Department of Taxation, Treasurer of Clark County, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Lashon Weaver, 50, of Springfield, none and Derrick Weaver, 54, of Springfield, disabled.

Property transfers:

Richard E. Koehler to Teresa K. and Richard Koehler, 1801 W. Columbia St., Springfield; $100,000.

Robert L. and Julie E. Alspaugh to Julie E. Alspaugh, 2129 Rutland Ave., Springfield; none.

Real Estate Recovery LLC to Chris and Michelle Craddock, 2401 Kenton St., Springfield; $110,000.

Barbara A. Sims to Denise M. Thomas, 248 Raffensperger Ave., Springfield; $45,000.

Kristopher L. and Khayesha N. Peterson to Khayesha N. Peterson, 2862 E. Hight St., Springfield; none.

Bruce W. and Martha H. Pratte to Aaron Lansing, 646 Reading Drive, Springfield; $92,000.

Ronald D. and Patricia Ann Gregory to Patricia Ann Gregory, 2437 Woodside Ave., Springfield; none.

Alfred M. and Charles R. Hayden to Alfred M. Hayden, 2432 Hillside Ave., Springfield; none.

William I. and Jean Colleen to William I. Buscemi, 25 N. Douglas Ave., Springfield; none.

Wayne Leis to Deanna M. McFarland, 2516 Oesterlin St., Springfield; $35,000.

Chad J. Couch to All Access Properties LLC, 1825 Magnolia Blvd., Springfield; none.