Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

Danagio Core vs. Cassano’s Inc., complaint for damages.

All files are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Jonathan Rawles, 19, of Brigham City, Utah, military and Elizabeth Willis, 19, of South Charleston, N/A.

Jesse Higley, 24, of Springfield, welding engineer III and Erin Dunaway, 26, of Hamilton, cook.

Kimberly Choulat, 36, of Springfield, disability and James Horton, 39, of Springfield, data processing.

Property transfers:

Jackie and Gwindola Ison to Tracey Curran, 366 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $199,900

Andrea B. and David F. Stack to Anthony A. Thomas, 528 Weinland St., New Carlisle; $79,900

Gary W. and Christine E. Holland to Garry W. Holland, 1190 Shirra Ave., New Carlisle; no fee

Gary W. Holland to Melissa S. Plut and Tricia M. Gillum Trustees, 1190 Shirra Ave., New Carlisle; no fee

Judy Carol and Paul David Kennedy to Rick Caserta, 4829 Forest Dr., Springfield; $272,000

Diane Jean and David Michael Barnhart to David Michael Barnhart, 11000 Musselman Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Shannon Leo to Angelica Mendoza Martinez, 826 Plumwood Dr., New Carlisle; $150,000

Comfort Living LLC to Caitlan Trick, 1212 Hemlock Road, New Carlisle; $149,400

Mary Jane and Walter E. Wardley Trustees to Nathan Shockley, 403 Falcon Dr., New Carlisle; $190,000

Charles Walter Campbell to Gregory Walter Campbell, 2173 Shrine Road, Springfield; no fee

Mary Pennington and David I. Conley II to Kathy Spencer, 4987 Selma Pike, Springfield; $40,000