Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0461: Southern Lease Management Group, LLC v. Cameron Lewis, money on account.

22CV0462: My Buckeye Rentals, LLC v. William Hollingshead, money on account.

22CV0463: Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Mark Newsom, money on account.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

James Tolle, 20, of Medway, operator and Ashton McQuiston, 19, of Medway, retail.

Kristina Forsythe, 30, of New Carlisle, 911 dispatcher and Troy Fries, 27, of New Carlisle, firefighter/EMT.

Clinton Rutroff, 49, of Donnelsville, warehouse worker and Carol Watts, 48, of Donnelsville, improvement manager.

Heather Young, 36, of Springfield, business and Sylvia Owens, 35, of Springfield, student.

Matthew Yelton, 54, of Springfield, truck driver and Ginger Hursh, 52, of Springfield, truck driver.

Property transfers:

Thomas M. Schutte, trustee to Christina Liston and Florian Pippig, 2908 Poplar Dr., Springfield; $200,000.

Barbara Frock to Janet T. Luke, 34 Main St., Tremont City; none.

Regina L. Spencer Pollock to Scotty and Melinda R. Russell, 4414 Springfield Xenia Road, Springfield; $275,000.

Kathryn Hickman to Timothy G. Rigel, 8155 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; none.

Jessica E. Douglas to Cassandra and Dakota Ryan Sherman, South Vienna; $30,000.

Shera Williams to Jack J. and Rita M. Hollingsworth, 895 Fletcher Park, South Charleston; $405,000.

Viet Allen and Clara Sue Reeves, trustees to Clara Sue Reeves, trustee, 13393 Old Osborne Road, South Vienna; none.

Pierce Cameron to Robert L. and Sharon L. Barr, South Charleston; $5,000.

Dustin M. Caudill to Stevan A. Mendenhall, South Charleston; $500.

Justin Robotham to Richard E. and Sheila R. Louden, South Charleston; $15,000.