Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0173: MidFirst Bank v. Clark County Treasurer, Ian Lochner, Jennifer Lochner, Jennifer A. Lochner, State of Ohio, Department of Taxation, The United States of America, The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, foreclosure.

23CV0174: MyCUmortgage, LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Amanda Roberts, United States of America, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Amanda Roberts, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Hadley Smiddy, 29, of Springfield, Springfield Regional Medical Center and Jack Aldridge, 29, of Springfield, Sheehan Brother’s Vending.

Property transfers:

Dylan Jacques to Jessica Rose, 1022 White Pine St., New Carlisle; $149,000.

Kathryn V. Balazs to Jeremy and Meghan Richmond, 317 Rawson Drive, New Carlisle; $85,000.

Myrtle L. Liffick to Janet Blair, 233 Funston Ave., New Carlisle; none.

Mary Harshbarger to American Advisors Group, 103 N. Adams St., New Carlisle; $140,500.

Nancy L. Keller to Matthew Dawicke, 1204 Blue Bird Court, New Carlisle; $187,800.

Kerri Lynn Winkleman to Ty Investments, LLC, 3775 Upper Valley Pike, Springfield; $75,000.

Robert Leroy and Velma L. Wertz, trustees, to Velma Wertz, trustees, 3407 St. Paris Pike, Springfield; none.

Maurice Gilbert to Carrillo Group, LLC, 2725 Troy Road, Springfield; $60,000.

Anne K. Jackson, trustee to Nicholas and Elizabeth Zerby, 4214 Stone Bridge Drive, Springfield; $410,000.

Ashley J. James to Nathan L. and Denae M. Rogers, 3828 Miller Road, Springfield; $525,000.

Nicholas Adam Everage to Susan O. Neal, 3502 Noble Drive, Springfield; $150,000.

Janet L. Luke to Stephanie Lutz, 34 Main St., Tremont City; $100,000.

Richard C. and Donna E. Rust to Carrillo Group, LLC, 312 N. Mulberry St., Tremont City; $110,000.