Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Cases called included:

21CV0213: Cassandra and Stephen McGinnis v. FCA US LLC, complaint for damages.

All case filings are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Billie W. and Helen D. McKenzie to Helen D. McKenzie, 4651 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; no fee

Shawn J. and Terra L. Crable to Megan Freeman and Jessica Sturgeon, 4314 Helena Dr., Springfield; $186,000

Marzetta Ann Yeatts to Angela S. Lawson, 4831 Brannan Dr., W., Springfield; $141,000

Chris W. and Rebecca Lewis to Scott Matthew Naill, 4851 Antrim Lane, Springfield; $375,000

Benjamin R. Underwood to Tim Yetzke, 5320 Ridgewood Road W., Springfield; $182,500

William P. and Paulette Henderson to Ross and Jennifer Kistselman, 140 Wenova Dr., Springfield; $228,000

Fester Group LLC to Megan Thompson and Gabriel Ray Winans, 6538 Dialton Road, Springfield; $167,000

Kelly and Paul Taylor to Brandon Ingerman, 5532 Callahan Road, South Vienna; $275,000

John I. Blain to Diana K. Harper and Joseph D. Barbery, Mechanicsburg-Catawba Road, Mechanicsburg; $30,000

Matthew S. Bussey to Matthew Scott and Ashley E. Bussey, 11744 Broadgauge Road, South Vienna; no fee

Ramayanna Silveria and Mathew Travis Noice, W. Possum Road, Springfield; $39,500

Leann Linda and Kevin Howard Griggs to Robert N. Lancaster Jr., 2821 Oxford Dr., Springfield; $219,900

Lorraine A. Schemel to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2450 Arthur Road, Springfield; no fee

Danny L. Thornsberry Trustee to Bryant P. and Courtney N. Banion; 3070 E. Leffel Lane, Springfield: $193,500

Joyce M. and Terence E. Clyburn to Breanne Rene and Jonathan J. Enderle, 455 Carillion Dr., Springfield; $290,000

Sandra Irene and Sean Kerry Beedy to Kerri D. Beedy and Evan M. Storts, 2825 Broadview Dr., Springfield; $140,000