Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Property transfers:

Danis J. Heighton to Donald L. Heighton Trustee, 3860 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; no fee

Travis J. Boyd to Maribeth Smith and Travis Boyd, 2310 E. Home Road, Springfield; no fee

Amby L. Bowman to Jon T. Wyant, 4148 Phoenix Dr., Springfield; $93,900

Ronald D. and Jacqueline H. Huggins to Jacqueline H. Huggins, 4310 Tudor Cir., Springfield; no fee

Lynne A. Saunders to Christopher R. Copeland, 5247 Ridgewood Road W., Springfield; $180,000

Andrew W. Pittman and Ruthanne S. Darling to Sheila Albin, 125 Wenova Dr., Springfield; $120,000

Denniese S. and Marc R. Zerkle to Daniel P. and Kelly S. Maxson, 9763 Ballentine Pike, New Carlisle; $55,000

Doreen D. Bernstein to Richard Deering, 3591 School Road, New Carlisle; $230,000

Dawn A. and Robert D. Holder to Zachary D. and Katlyn Holder, 2065 Liberty Road, New Carlisle; $500,000

Gail R. and David Ball to David Ball, 3151 Addison-New Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Sue L. Wells to Kimberly S. Waters, 96 First St., North Hampton; $85,000

Michael R. Ryan to Wendy L. Ryan, 11828 Silvers Road, South Vienna; no fee

Lory Ann Stevenson to Stephen G. Berardino Trustee, 1363 Sylvan Shores Dr., South Vienna; no fee

Ronald A. Patton to Ronald A. and Cynthia K. Patton, Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; no fee

Bobby R. Manning Jr., to Andrew and Taylor Cottrell, 5825 Pleasant Chapel Road, Mechanicsburg; $145,000

Darst W. Herman to Linda L. Parcels, 500 Sheffield Dr., Springfield; no fee

Stephanie L. and Paul L. Smith to Stephanie L. Smith, 467 Aberfelda Dr., Springfield; no fee

Alper Sarihan to Joshua Smith, 2805 Cottonwood Dr., Springfield; $229,900

Joyce D. McCombs to Christopher L. and Joyce D. McCombs, 534 Candace Dr., Springfield; no fee

Heather Ann Rodgers to Gabrielle Mish, 5039 Kerns Road, Springfield; $101,000