Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0184: Mark Hall v. John Does I-X, Woodruff Enterprises Inc., complaint for damages.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Noelia Basquez, 36, of Springfield, factory work and David Rodriguez, 30, of Springfield, factory work.

Property transfers:

Laura K. Miller to 3475 Mechanicsburg LLC, 3435 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; $67,000.

Ivan R. Poland Jr. and Kimberly K. Music to Ivan R. Jr. and Kimberly K. Poland, 2881 Moorefield Road, Springfield; none.

Jamie T. and Amanda J. Martin to Dominic V. III and Stephanie Rae Fredo, 3072 Sandalwood Ave., Springfield; $309,000.

Richard A. Riffe to Sandra L. Worthington, 4346 Tulane Road, Springfield; none.

Carl E. Loney to Randon and Jessica McNeil, 1394 Willow Chase Drive, Springfield; $279,900.

Angelo T. Delledonne and Lindsey M. Morris to Lindsey M. Morris, 5244 Stoneridge Drive, Springfield; none.

Kimberly Turner to Michael Jones Designs Inc., 1513 Erika Drive, Springfield; $121,000.

Melinda Ortquist and Rebecca Moyer to Connie Kendall, 1693 Calais Drive, Springfield; none.

Dianne M. Schetter to Dianne M. Schetter, 1406 Elizabeth Court, Springfield; none.

James P. III and Tina M. Shivler to Ronald and Phyllis Rhine, 1728 Willow Lakes Drive, Springfield; $237,500.

Megan Paulette Haulman to Brett M. Bogie, 1133 Blaine Ave., Springfield; $159,900.

Rebecca Marie Gearhart to Karen Sue Adkins and Erin Porter, 4600 Willowbrook Drive, Springfield; $194,900.

Melanie Heckler to Larry V. Garvey and Estelle Kennedy, 4768 Cornell St., Springfield; $152,000.

Janet L. Linkenhoker to Janet L. Linkenhoker and Mary Beth Taylor, 723 Deerfield Trail, Springfield; none.