Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0458: CrossCountry Mortgage LLC v. Benjamin Sutton Jones, Unknown spouse if any of BEnjamin Sutton Jones and Clark County Ohio Treasurer, foreclosure.

24CV0459: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Aaron L. Messer, breach of contract.

24CV0460: Holly Delauder and Phillip Delauder v. Robert Bowman, East Company Plumbing Inc. and Sabco Construction Inc., breach of contract.

24CV0461: Lendmark Financial Services LLC v. James Vaughn and Tracy Vaughn, breach of contract.

24CV0462: Mandy L.N. Birt v. American Family Insurance Company and Yves Sanon, personal injury.

24CV0463: Matthew R. Beck v. City of Springfield and John Logue, Bureau of Workers Compensation appeal.

24CV0464: Rocking Horse Community Health Center v. Sarah Martin, breach of contract.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Alex R. Butler, 27, of Springfield, cashier, and Rylee Ann Marie Payne, 20, of Springfield, homemaker.

Cris K. Hartsock, 65, of North Hampton, calibration technician, and Betty J. Bartley, 71, of New Carlisle, retired.

Charles Coleman Jr., 70, of Decatur, Alabama, retired, and Phyllis E. Stephens, 70, of Springfield, administrative assistant.

Jessica L. Staton, 35, of Springfield, warehouse, and Justin A. Dils, 27, of Tipp City, dish washer.

Sismai Garcia, 21, of Middletown, tea shop worker, and Erik Zaragoza Garcia, 37, of Medway, construction.

Daniel L. Wheeler, 64, of Springfield, machinist, and Christina M. Jahnke, 61, of Springfield, registered nurse.

Charles Byron Pillers III, 33, of Springfield, production worker, and Samantha K. Darst, 33, of Springfield.

Aubrey A. Coykendall, 32, of Springfield, registered nurse, and Michael J. Lacey Jr., 35, of Springfield, procurement analyst.

Property transfers:

Mills and Co Real Estate LLC to ET Property Springfield LLC, 1803-1805 Mount St., Springfield; $105,000.

Timothy G. and Jamie Rigel to Zihan Zhong, 1560 Lexington Ave., Springfield; $100,000.

MCRE OH LLC to Mills and Co Real Estate LLC, 1170 Selma Road, Springfield; $0.

MCRE OH LLC to Mills and Co Real Estate LLC, 603-605 Linwood Ave., Springfield; $0.

Fred W. and Phyllis J. Fisher to Adam Baker, 1042-1044 Wayne Ave., Springfield; $15,000.

Reyes Rentals LLC to Carrillo Group LLC, 1912, 1914 Edwards Ave., Springfield; $0.

Thaddaeus G. Laywell Sr. to Vicki L. and Thaddaeus G. Laywell Sr., 1223 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; $0.

Karl Alexandrunas to Ohio Premier Holdings LLC, 1039 Warder St., Springfield; $0.

MCRE OH LLC to Mills and Co Real Estate LLC, 1100-1104 E. Main St., Springfield; $0.

Mackenzie and Alyssa Conkling to Alymac Properties LLC, 1592 McKinley Ave., Springfield; $0.

Khalea D. and Michael Cooper II to Robert Aitken, 1513 E. Home Road, Springfield; $160,000.

Bryan A. Hause and Shauna B. Hause Johnson to Bryan A. Hause and Shauna A. Hause Johnson, 1524 Winding Trail, Springfield; $0.

Bryan W. Peterson to Garlind Properties LTD, 2207 Clifton Ave., Springfield; $55,000.

David V. Lower to Sherman Garrison Properties LLC, 2258 Ontario Ave., Springfield; $35,000.

Timothy J. and Julie A. Sutton to Fernando S. Aguilar, 421 S. Center St., Springfield; $25,000.

New Ohio Investments LLC to Mariano C. Lopez, 17 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $37,000.

Paul Henschel to Jeanette L. Prophete, 461-463 Harrison St., Springfield; $35,000.

Jessy Maynard to Fiocene Fanceus, 209-211 E. Pleasant St., Springfield; $13,000.

Wendell Crisp to Wendell L. Crisp Jr., 513 Homeview Ave., Springfield; $0.

Kevin R. Rose and Marta M. Wojcik to Robin L. Inboden and Don C. Umatum, 704 S. Fountain Ave., Springfield; $177,000.

Laurie Stanton to Kevin R. Rose and Marta M. Wojcik, 17 Miller St., Springfield; $150,000.

Marino Rankin Holdings LLC to Williteral Enterprises LLC, 903-905, 907-913 S. Limestone St., Springfield; $140,000.

Walter D. and Geri A. Bostic to Thai Project LLC, 467-469 Ellsworth St., Springfield; $70,000.

Rusty L. Jenkins to Benardin S. Estache, 1014 Linden Ave., Springfield; $0.

Hector Villatoro and Juana Aracely to Hector Villatoro and Juana Aracely, 620 E. Southern Ave., Springfield; $0.

Bobby E. Lyons to Erica Lyons, 226 E. Northern Ave., Springfield; $0.

MCRE OH LLC to Mills and Co Real Estate LLC, 411 Stanton Ave., Springfield; $0.

Timothy D. Rothfuss to Trinity A. Thompson, 305 N. Broadmoor Blvd., Springfield; $180,000.

Tommi S. Davis to Melissa A. and Darin Keesing, 114 Roosevelt Drive, Springfield; $190,000.

Barbara A. Murray and Bret A. Ingram to Barbara A. and Michael J. Murray, 1017 Lammes Lane, New Carlisle; $0.

Rodz Builders LLC to Zechariah and Angel Simmons, 891 Narcissus Drive, New Carlisle; $240,000.