Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0054: Erie Insurance Company, Midwest First Star Inc. v. Danielle Ward, personal injury.

23CV0055: The Richwood Banking Company sbm to Home City Federal Savings Bank of Springfield v. Mesha Smith, James Does and Jane Does, names and addresses unknown, the Unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Beneficiaries, Next of Kin, Executors, Administrators, Personal Representatives and Assigns of Carolyn M. Smith Deceased and their unknown spouses, if any, John Doe, name unknown, the Unknown Spouse, if any of Mesha Denise Smith, John Does and Jan Does, names and addresses unknown, the Unknown Guardians of Minor and/or Incompetent Heirs of Carolyn M. Smith, Deceased, foreclosure.

23CV0056: IH Credit Union, Inc. v. Sheila Hutchins, complaint for damages.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Amanda Danielle Guyton, 28, of Springfield, Topre and Jesus Patricio Reyes Amancio, 27, of Springfield, Dole.

Property transfers:

Danita J. Smith to William Hansgen, 1302 Perry St., Springfield; none.

Judith A. Martin to Shelby R. Martin, 308 N. Bechtle Ave., none.

Bridget M. Cornelison to Sarah J. Wesley Young Jr., 1017 Maiden Lane, Springfield; $22,500.

Judith K. and Don E. Bivens to Judith K. Bivens, 1936 Fairway Drive, Springfield; none.

Margaret A. Engel to Trisha M. Seckel, 710 W. Harding Road, Springfield; $173,000.

Irene E. Keys to Jennifer Huston, 1211 Redbud Lane, Springfield; $167,000.

Lawrence J. Bishop to John Lawrence Bishop II, 811 W. Second St., Springfield; none.