Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0249: James Pat Matthews v. Springfield-Clark CTC Board of Education, wrongful termination.

22CV0250: Freedom Mortgage Corporation v. Katherine M. Graver, Treasurer of Clark County, Unknown Spouse if any of Katherine M. Graver, forecloser.

22CV0251: MidFirst Bank v. Clark County Treasurer, Ian Lochner, Ian T. Lochner, Jennifer Lochner, Jennifer A. Lochner, State of Ohio Department of Taxation, foreclosure.

22CV0252: Rocket Mortgage, LLC v. Clarence E. Carter, Debra I. Carter, Stephanie White, John Doe, Unknown Spouse of Debra I. Carter, John Doe, Unknown Spouse of Stephanie White, Unknown Heirs of Clarence E. Carter, quiet title.

22CV0253: Mr. Cooper, Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. The Unknown Heirs at Law of Under the Will if any of Norma J. Hansen Deceased, Treasurer of Clark County, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Amanda Stone, 31, of Aurora, CO, office administrator and Michael Nedelman, 32, of Aurora, CO, sales.

Michael Logan, 33, of Springfield, Air Force and Jamie Minnish, 33, of Springfield, crew chief.

Property transfers:

Ryan D. and Johanna A. O. Brents to Johanna A. O. Brents, 81 N. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; no fee

Ron C. Shultz to Lauren Rhodes and Michael Green, 304 W. Washington St., New Carlisle; $170,000

Danny and Alice Daniels to Jason P. Errett, 118 Blose St., Tremont City; $165,000

Aug Property Investments LLC to April R. Van Dyne, 4038 Schenley St., Enon; $190,000

Faith Louise Heckler Trustee to Lauri M. and Wilbert Ewing McCutcheon Jr., 7023 Creekside Cir., Fairborn; $287,500

Diana E. Pry to Gary M. and Renee Morgan, 5766 Garrison Road, Enon; $750,000

Charles Willard Jr., Trustee to Enid Willard Trustee, 766 Brunswick Dr., Enon; no fee