Centerville starts next phase of $1.8M Yankee Trace renovation



CENTERVILLE — The next phase of a $1.8 million renovation at The Golf Club at Yankee Trace has started.

Phase II of the first significant renovation at the 150-acre, city-owned site — which began Tuesday — focuses on the 32,000-square-foot clubhouse, modernizing the 26-year-old structure to appeal a wider variety of events, Centerville officials said.



The clubhouse work at 10000 Yankee St. will involve a “comprehensive renovation” that’s “designed to grow business. The renovations will update the facility and give it a more welcoming, upscale aesthetic,” Yankee Trace Administrator Steve Marino said in a memo.

“Overall, it’s still very beautiful,” Marino told the Dayton Daily News. “What’s really nice about the clubhouse is a lot of the trim that was put in originally is really, really dynamic” and the renovation will better highlight it.

The Wilcon Corp. of Moraine was awarded the Phase II contract. It was the lowest of nine bidders – mostly from the Dayton area - with a total submission of about $244,000, Centerville records show.

The highest ones were from the Oberer Thompson Co. of Beavercreek and Setterlin Building Co. of Columbus, whose total bids were both about $426,000.

Phase II is expected to be done by early April, officials have said.

The city has been working with MODA4 Design on concepts and plans to remodel of the lobby entrance, ballroom, restaurant and the men’s and women’s restrooms, according to city documents.

“The main reason (for the work) is we’re trying to modernize the clubhouse, but we’re also trying to appeal to more weddings, events,” Marino said. “And a lighter décor, we think is just a little bit more versatile for all the type of events that we have.

A change in décor “would allow those moldings and the architecture of the clubhouse to really kind of standout,” he added. “So we did it in the lobby and it really made a profound impact…So we want to carry that theme through the rest of the clubhouse.”

Phase I involved installing a retractable audio/visual system. Phase III — the final part of the project — is expected to cost more than $1 million, Marino has said.

That work, tentatively set for fall 2021, will involve renovating the patio and adding an indoor/outdoor bar area to help transform the patio and the clubhouse into one entertainment unit, according to Marino.

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