Logan County parents head to prison for death of 3-month-old girl

Parents of a 3-month-old girl who died of dehydration on Christmas day of 2018 were sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison.

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Prosecutors believe poor living conditions and minimal doctor visits resulted in Felicity Vining, daughter of Charles Vining, 36, and Rachel Brannan, 26, becoming sick.

These factors ultimately led to her death.

The family's residence on Walker Street was infested with mice, rats and roaches. Trash and feces littered the home, according to prosecutors.

An officer testified to seeing a rat knock over a coffee cup.

Brannan was on probation for a separate offence when she and a family member brought the 3-month-old to the hospital the day of her death.

Vining and Brannan, of Bellefontaine, were convicted of felony child endangerment last month.

Another child who lived in the home is unharmed, but has been removed.

Vining and Brannan have 30 days to appeal their cases, if they so choose.

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