Athlete of the Week Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center

Breauna Keeton is the Athlete of the Week from Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center (CTC). CONTRIBUTED
Breauna Keeton is the Athlete of the Week from Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center (CTC). CONTRIBUTED

Name: Breauna Keeton

School: Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center (CTC)

Grade: 12

Age: 17

Sports: Softball, Tennis, Volleyball

Claim to fame/honors: received my Varsity letter and all A’s Honor Roll 9-11th grade

Words you live by: “Talent is given; greatness is earned”

Toughest opponent: myself. Being in a good mental state come game time is key to playing well and enjoying the sports you love

Biggest influence: my big sister, she’s has taught me almost everything I know and has always been the person I look up to.

Game-day rituals: going through a list of everything I need in my bag and then still forgetting something

What’s on your bedroom walls: tons of pictures of my family and friends and some artwork from my little cousins.

When I’m bored I like to… be outside or enjoy time with my nephews

Favorite movie: Safe Haven

Person who would play you in a movie: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite music artist: Thomas Rhett

Favorite book: The Fault in our Stars

Favorite home cooked meal: steaks and corn on the grill because my dad has mastered cooking them perfectly

Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden

Who’s mind would you like to read: my best friend

Place where you’d love to travel: Ireland to try the different types of foods they have there

Talent you’d like to have: draw well

Favorite school subject: Geometry

Favorite athlete: Rachel Garcia from UCLA, I love watching her pitch in game

Favorite team: Ohio State

Something in the world I’d like to change: is how many people decide to treat others poorly without giving them a chance

Favorite sports moment: when I collided with my catcher for a fly ball in 14u

Favorite junk food: Paydays

Best thing about your favorite sport: is that everyone in my entire family is able to enjoy it. There doesn’t have to be anyone left out and we can all help each other learn and grow as players