Police seek 2 shooters in Cincinnati shooting that injured 9

Incident occurred in Over-The-Rhine near Mr. Pitiful’s bar.

At least nine people have been injured after a shooting in Over-the-Rhine early Sunday morning, Cincinnati Police Assistant Chief Michael John said.

During a noon press conference, John said the victims were eight males and one female ranging in ages between 23 and 47.

The injured were either transported to UC Medical Center by the Cincinnati Fire Department or self-transported to the hospital where they were all treated for non-life threatening injuries.

UC Medical Center said that as of 10:30 a.m. all patients treated from this morning’s incident have been released.

According to CPD, at approximately 1:39 a.m., officers responded to Main and 13th streets in OTR to disperse a large disorderly crowd.

This video was captured by Matt Euson from his building at 1302 Main Street in OTR. You can see people frantically running during rapid gunfire.

In the process of breaking up this crowd, two groups broke out into a physical altercation. CPD said at least two individuals involved in the altercation pulled out firearms and exchanged gun fire near the intersection of Main and Woodward streets. At least 15 rounds were fired, investigators said.

Two officers assigned to the Civil Disturbance Response Team (CDRT) saw an individual shooting south of that intersection on Main Street. CPD said one of those CDRT officer’s, Joe Shook discharged one round from their gun at that individual. CPD said the individual fled east toward Sycamore Street.

“We have one Cincinnati police officer that discharged one round, and we do not know if that officer struck the individual that he was firing the gun at,” John said. “What I can tell you is the individual he was shooting at was actively firing a firearm at that time.”

CPD said Shook has been with the department since January 2016. Assistant Chief John said Shook’s actions undoubtedly saved lives.

John said CPD deployed two “bang balls” — a percussion instrument used by police — that were rolled into the street to disperse the large crowd and attend to the injured. He said officers then applied tourniquets at the scene.

Police had Main Street shut down at multiple different cross streets for multiple hours. All roads have since reopened.

Alongside the OTR shooting, John said there was also another shooting incident in the Central Business District where two people were shot. John said the two incidents were not connected.

“Today’s events are completely and totally unacceptable,” said Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval. “The use of guns to solve disputes cannot become a normal part of our culture. I want to express the City’s gratitude to the officers on the scene. Their quick response likely saved many more from injury and prevented loss of life.”

Police are continuing to investigate the shooting and said the investigation’s still in preliminary stages.

“We know that a lot of people left the scene that may have seen something,” John said. “We’re looking for any witness statements we can get. So, if somebody has something — if they have video footage, something on their phone — of course we would want to use that to see if we can ascertain exactly how this event evolved.”

CPD is currently looking for at least 2 shooters. They are asking anyone that may have witnessed this incident or has additional information to contact the CPD Criminal Investigations Section at 513-352-3542.

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