Woman recounts Beavercreek Walmart shooting: ‘He walked right past me’

Alisha Ring said when a man passed her inside the Beavercreek Walmart Monday night carrying a weapon, she initially assumed it must be a BB gun.

But then the Dayton woman said she heard what sounded like “glass breaking” and multiple gunshots and ran from the store. Minutes later, she took to Facebook Live from the parking lot, urging people to check on family and friends who may be in the area and recounting her moments of terror.

“He walked right past me,” she said repeatedly, sobbing uncontrollably. “God was watching over me tonight. He walked right past me. I just wanted to get groceries.”

She said the shooter was a young, “tall, skinny, white guy” with long hair who was carrying a half-open Army bookbag and “looked like he was on a mission.”

“How do you just wake up one day and just decide to go inside of a Walmart where people are shoppin’ and just start shootin’ people?” she said.

Posting a written statement to Facebook a couple of hours after the incident, she called the shooter “a soulless monster.”

“The look on his face showed no soul,” she said. “He knew exactly what he came there to do.”

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