Hunting license applicants could be asked to become organ donors

Credit: Avery Kreemer

Credit: Avery Kreemer

The Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday approved House Bill 256, which would require the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to ask hunting and fishing license applicants if they would like to opt in to become an organ donor.

Rep. Rodney Creech, R-West Alexandria, a primary sponsor of the legislation, said the policy would help address the 27,000 people who are awaiting an organ transplants in the state.

“We have a unique opportunity to reach a large demographic of our population and help meet the demand in Ohio for lifesaving organ transplants,” Creech said, noting that the state gets over 300,000 hunting license applications and 850,000 fishing license applications every year.

The bill passed 79-0, and now goes to the Ohio Senate for consideration.

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