Dayton traveling billboard hopes to grab nation’s attention

Images of the Dayton Art Institute, the Schuster Center, the Dayton Opera, the Contemporary Dayton and the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company have been added to one side of a semi-trailer that belongs to Martin Transportation Systems (MTS).

Both sides of the trailer say, “Visit Dayton, Ohio.”

This is the third semi-trailer that MTS has put on the roadways with advertising promoting Dayton.

The other two have images of local attractions and displays and historical items from local museums.

“Our goal is to build awareness of Dayton and to drive, if you’ll pardon the pun, more visitors to greater Dayton,” said Jacquelyn Powell, president and CEO of the Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The eye-catching images will draw attention to some of Dayton’s many valuable assets, said Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice.

“I truly, truly love this idea, because it’s like a rolling billboard all around the country,” she said.

The new semi-trailer billboard heads to Kansas City on Wednesday, Burch said, and MTS trucks on average travel about 100,000 miles each year.

“It’s wonderful to see how we can tell the story of Dayton on our trailers,” he said.

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