Customs officers seize meth hidden in sculptures in Cincinnati

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced that its officers at the port of Cincinnati discovered methamphetamine concealed inside two clay sculptures.

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CBP officers were examining incoming freight from Canada on Friday when they chose a shipment described as two sculptures and a family photo for an X-ray inspection, according to a release.

The officers saw inconsistencies with the density of the sculptures, the release said, so they drilled a small hole in each sculpture and found a white powder.

The powder tested positive for meth, CBP said. The powder and sculptures weighed just over five points together.

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The shipment was headed to a private residence in Auckland, New Zealand.

CBP’s Director of the Chicago Field Office LaFonda Sutton-Burke said, “This is just another great example of how CBP works with our international partners throughout the world to combat illegal narcotics.”

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