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Pets share their Mother’s Day feelings with cards

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away. I’m proud to say I’m a mother to one human and two furry kids.

I look forward to the love and adulation that come my way from those three on this yearly celebration of all things “mother.”

According to the National Retail Federation last year, 77.9 percent of surveyed shoppers had planned on buying at least one Mother’s Day card.

Annually, the tab for all those cards comes to about $671 million with Hallmark selling about 133 million Mother’s Day cards, according to

Abby, the family’s 16-year-old, cat and Teddy, our four-year-old dog, participate in this card buying ritual.

How they get to Target to purchase said cards is a mystery. Abby hates riding in the car, and to my knowledge, neither has money or credit cards.

Once in the store, Abby wouldn’t be able to reach the cards displayed. Teddy would be more interested in the canine food and treat aisles.

Nevertheless, every Mother’s Day in the pile of cards waiting for me on the kitchen table are at least two from the furry kids.

I first open a card from my husband, Ed. His cards are always thanking me for my superhuman “mothering skills” — similar to the ones I give him for Father’s Day that thank him for his superhuman “fathering skills.”

My daughter Jordan’s card is next. When she was younger her cards were always handmade. Her cards tend to be funny. Last year’s was a drawing of three stick figures jumping off a bridge. A fourth stick figure was not. The inside message was “And you thought I didn’t listen to you!” Jordan always writes an endearing note above her signature.

There are usually cards from my nieces, Lauren and Shannon. Those cards are always addressed to their “second mom.”

Lastly, I open cards from Abby and Teddy. I’m assuming those are from them because the name “Mom” is scratched on the envelopes — definitely by those who have a hard time grasping a pen.

I pat each card before I open it. In the past, their cards have surprised me with music, lights and glitter as I opened them.

The petite lab’s cards are always sweet.

“I’m saving lots of licks just for you.”

“I’m glad you adopted me.”

“All my doggie pals wish you were their mom, too.”

Once I got half of a dog treat inside my Mother’s Day card. The note under the message was “I’m sharing my treat with you.” Teddy loves treats so I know this was a big deal for him to share the yummy morsel — so big that, as a mom who doesn’t want her children to do without, I sacrificed my own hunger needs and gave the pooch the other half of the treat.

Abby’s cards fit her “queenly” personality. It’s not unusual for the feline to give me more than one card. She has a lot to say and one card just won’t do it.

The sassy feline’s messages have included:

“Feel free and celebrate the day by opening a can of tuna and sharing.”

“So this day isn’t about me?”

And the classic:“If you scratch behind my ears I won’t scratch your sofa.”

How could any mother not feel the love from this group.

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