'My wife needs a liver': Husband in search of donor for sick wife

Credit: Boston25News.com

Credit: Boston25News.com

A Massachusetts husband has come up with a creative way of asking strangers to help save his sick wife, who's in the hospital fighting for her life.

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You can't miss Brett Penney of Haverhill driving around in his wife's red Jeep.

"She's an amazingly special caring person that pretty much does anything she can for anyone else and it's hard for her to be in this position," Penney said.

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That's why Penney made magnetic signs that stick on the side of his Jeep that say, "My wife needs a liver." He's asking strangers to help keep his wife, Danielle, alive.

"I thought it was ingenious because I’m coming back and forth from Boston every day so I figured if I just went down 93 a little slower everybody would be like what's his problem and they'd read the sign, so don't get mad at you for the guy in front of you going slow," said Penney.

Fifty-year-old Danielle Penney is on a transplant list after being diagnosed with liver disease in August 2017.

"It's not just for me. If you are willing to donate and help someone help save someone's life, they would appreciate it as well," said Danielle.

Brett has made 50 of the magnetic decals and has 100 more on order. He's been giving them out to family, friends and complete strangers and says he'll do anything for his bride of 27 years.

"Not going to stop. Do it until she gets help, whether I have to drive around 24 hours a day. You'll be seeing me everywhere," said Penney.

If you are interested in being a liver donor, there are requirements, including being between the ages of 18 and 55 and being in good physical and mental health. Click here for more information.

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