Need a new lunch spot? Jaguar Room serves burgers, pizza and lots more

Looking for a different place to do lunch? CTC Jaguar Room, a restaurant run by Culinary Arts students at the Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center, is open to the public now through May.

Restaurant: CTC Jaguar Room

Location: Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center, 1901 Selma Road, Springfield



Telephone: (937) 325-7368, ext. 169 for reservations

Background/Overview: Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center (CTC) was previously called the Springfield-Clark County Joint Vocational School (JVS). The school opened in 1967, and its mascot was the Jaguar.

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The mission of Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center is “Strive (to create) Contributing Citizens Through Careers.” The CTC Culinary Arts Program at the center was designed to allow its 40 students each year to learn fundamental skills they’ll need to earn money while pursuing advancement in the culinary industry. Also, the National Restaurant Association Curriculum offers CTC Culinary Arts Program students the opportunity to earn college credits and scholarships through ProStart Management Certifications.

Chef Dave Hay was born in West Jefferson, Ohio. His uncle and aunt owned 30 locations of Western Pancake House in the tri-state area. Dave was 7 years old when he remembers beginning his career washing dishes for his pancakes at one of the locales! After high school, he worked at Mother’s Restaurant, and then did a three-year internship with 55 Restaurant Group in Columbus. Afterward, he decided to open The Little Coffee Shop in Hilliard. Three years later, he sold his coffee shop and went back to 55 Restaurant Group. In 1996, JVS Culinary Instructor Carrie Whitacre telephoned him with a career offer of becoming the Senior Culinary Instructor at the vocational school. Hay accepted, and joined the staff that August. After 22 years, he still enjoys working at CTC!

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Five years ago, Hay sent out a memo via e-mail to interested chefs in the region to apply for the Junior Culinary Instructor position at CTC. Chef Dave Remias of Canal Winchester, Ohio responded.

Remias started as a sous-chef at the Ohio State University Faculty Club in 2004. Three years later, he was executive chef at Capital Club, before being employed three more years at Creekside Conference Center in Gahanna. He was hired by Chef Hay in 2013. Since then, the two instructors have worked together to direct the nationally recognized and award-winning Springfield-Clark CTC Culinary Arts program.

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CTC Jaguar Room is the Culinary Arts students’ “upscale casual” restaurant that’s open to the public each September through May. Each year’s students create the modestly-priced menu, and then do all the prep-work, baking, cooking, and serving toward their individual school credits. All server tips go to the Future Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) students’ account.

The Menu:

Beverages: “Coffee Expressions” Coffee-$1; Coca-cola products (fountain) - $1. A reminder that no alcohol is permitted on campus.

Starter: “Say Cheese” (a sample of cheddar cheese curds and fried mozzarella) - $3.

“Soup-of-the-Day” (could be): Corn Crab Chowder, Homemade Chicken Noodle, Mushroom Bisque, or Roasted Garlic Soup - $1 (cup)/$2 (bowl).

Salad: Steak Salad - $6.

Full Buffet (Wednesdays & Thursdays): $7 (includes free beverage and dessert).

Soup & Salad Buffet (Fridays): $5 (includes free beverage & dessert).

Burgers & Sandwiches (includes fresh-cut fries and salad bar): Pulled Pork - $5; Chicken Salad Sandwich - $5.50; Hamburger - $5.50; The BAE (bacon, avocado, & egg) - $5.50; Cheeseburger - $5.75; Rodeo Chicken (grilled, and then topped w/BBQ, bacon, cheese, and onion straws) - $6; Turkey Bacon Melt - $6.25; Club Sandwich-$6.50.

Vegan Burger (includes fresh-cut fries and salad bar): “Beyond Burger” (four oz.) - $6.25.

Entrees (Wednesdays & Thursdays): Chicken Alfredo - $6.50; Chicken Cajun Alfredo - $6.50; Chicken and Sausage - $6.50; Grilled Pork Chop - $7; Penne Rustica - $7; Chicken, or Steak Marengo - $7.25.

Pizzas: Pepperoni Pizza - $5; Four Cheese Pizza - $5.25; Meat Pizza - $5.50; Spinach Artichoke Pizza - $5.50.

Desserts (could be): Caramel Pecan Carrot Cake, Cheesecake (served w/Creme Au Glaze & seasonal berries), or Oreo Cake - $2 a slice; Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies - $2 (two).

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Wednesday-Friday, 10:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

More information:

Located across the street from the Eagles Lodge.

CTC Jaguar Room has its own entrance visible from the free parking lot. Be advised, there’s a short flat walk from the parking lot to the dining hall.

A 24-hour reservation is recommended due to limited seating.

The newly remodeled CTC Conference Room will soon be equipped with many flat-screen televisions and seating for 20 guests. Reserve by also calling: (937) 325-7368, ext. 169.

And, don’t forget to further support the CTC Culinary Arts program by purchasing its “Just A Great (J.A.G.) BBQ Sauce.” This special sweet and smoky blend is brewed and bottled by students on site.

In addition, look for the CTC Food Bus at many future Clark County community events.

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