A retired travel agent’s secrets forgetting the best travel deals

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Editor’s note: This article was written by Clara Bosonetto and originally appeared on Clark.com.

As a retired travel agent and member of Team Clark, I’ve decided to spill my secrets about how and where I find the best airline and travel deals. Here are my tried-and-true go-to websites and free subscriptions that can help you book the trip of your dreams on a budget.

Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)

I am one of more than two million people who subscribe to this must-have newsletter for international airline deals. Handpicked and vetted airfare alerts can save you up to 90%.

If you opt for the free subscription, you’ll learn about the best deals within the continental U.S. and get information on only a select number of deals. Premium subscribers ($49 annually) get domestic and international deals while Elite members ($199 annually) get access to premium economy, business, and first-class deals. Free or paid, all subscribers can personalize their preferred departure airports.


Besides searching more than 20,000 airline routes for deals, this company also searches for deals on airlines including Allegiant and Southwest (something many of the others do not) and shares promo codes for airline website deals.

Airfarewatchdog’s specialty is sending price alerts for particular routes. You can choose to receive city-to-city alerts, departure city alerts (to see all deals from that airport) or arrival city alerts (useful when friends or family are coming from several different airports to one destination).

You can’t book at Airfarewatchdog, but the site includes details on how to find the fares yourself.

Google Flights

I still love the ease of use at Google Flights. It’s a great basic website to search domestic and international airfares when you must fly a specific airline, must have a nonstop flight, or have a multi-city trip (flying into one city and out of another). In other words, Google Flights has many filters to display custom results.

My tip: Frequently hit the reset button to the left of the date entry boxes. Even when you do see a great fare, hit reset again. The calendar may adjust with an even lower fare.

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