Could this be the last CD for local indie-pop duo?

"The Florals Are Dead Now" sure seems like a final statement. Andy Ingram of Poptek Records, the local label that released the new three-song EP on May 19, isn't quite ready to believe it's the end of the indie pop duo of Brenna Myers (vocals, guitar) and Alexander Scaglia (drums).

“The seeming end of the Florals is bittersweet,” Ingram said. “I’m actually a bit tentative to call it the end just because I know how young and random Brenna and Alex are. I mean that in the best possible way. Alex lives in Cincinnati now, so I understand it’s near impossible for their lives to intersect and to make time to write music and practice.”

Myers and Scaglia formed the Florals in 2014. Ingram released the group’s stellar self-titled full-length the following year.

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“I first got to know Brenna through church, mutual friends and through seeing her previous band Sun Culture play around Springfield,” he said. “Through that friendship, when Alex and her started writing and playing shows as the Florals, I was right there to see it begin. It was quickly obvious how good of songs Brenna was writing, how great of a guitarist she was and how unique Alex was on drums. And Brenna’s voice captures people’s attention without much effort.

“They had everything anyone would want for a band to be — personality, musicianship and well-written, melodic songs,” Ingram said. “Or at least that’s want I want a band to be. I don’t go searching for bands to add to Poptek but when my friends are making great music, that’s when I want to use the label to support them in whatever way I can.”

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While the Florals could be ending after a June 24 show at the Champion City Vineyard Church in Springfield, the music will continue.

“I’m excited Brenna will still be creating music as Once A Pine,” Ingram said. “She’s so talented she can definitely carry a project that’s essentially a solo project. Plus, she has recruited a live band who seem good at both supporting her and playing off her personality. So as long as Brenna keeps writing I’m happy. These Once A Pine songs she’s writing are much more personal to her than the fun of The Florals.

“Alex is so funny I’m sure he’ll still wander in and out of the picture at some point, or maybe many points,” Ingram added. “The breakup of the Florals could be the most bizarre and unidentifiable breakup of any band outside of Brit Pop and all those crazy band dynamics.”

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