'SNL': Jason Sudeikis' Joe Biden gets 'sensitivity training' in cold open

A familiar face returned to "Saturday Night Live" to play former Vice President Joe Biden, who faced allegations of inappropriate contact from multiple women last week.

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In Saturday's cold open, former "SNL" cast member Jason Sudeikis reprised his Biden role.

In the sketch, two advisers (Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson) recruited a consultant (Kate McKinnon) to give Biden "sensitivity training" in the wake of the scandal.

"If you’re really going to run in 2020, you have to change the way you interact with women," Strong said.

"OK, look, you guys know that I'm a tactile politician, right?" Sudeikis' Biden replied. "I'm a hugger, I'm a kisser and I'm a little bit of a sniffer."

When the advisers introduced McKinnon's character, the fake Biden pressed his face against hers and grabbed her shoulders and hair.

"So this is exactly the kind of thing that I'm here to prevent," McKinnon said.

The pair then discussed appropriate ways to greet a woman.

"What about a handshake?" Sudeikis' Biden said.

"A handshake is great," McKinnon said.

"What about, during that handshake, I go ahead and tickle her palm a little bit?" he asked.

"That's not great. I would say no tickling at all," she replied.

"Really? Even on her birthday? OK, all right," he said.

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McKinnon's character then brought in potential Democratic voters to meet Biden, including a software engineer "looking for a candidate who can beat Donald Trump."

"Oh, you mean the guy that actually bragged about assault on tape?" Sudeikis' Biden said.

"Yes, but unlike his voters, your voters actually care," Strong replied.

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