Shopping in a Netflix brick-and-mortar store could happen by 2025

Credit: Jenny Kane

Credit: Jenny Kane

Streaming platform Netflix recently announced it is planning physical stores, with two locations to debut in 2025.

Bloomberg reports the stores will sell items around its popular shows. It will also have in-store dining and there may also be live events.

Items will largely come from Netflix’s food-based shows and be fine dining or fast casual options. Netflix’s Vice President of Consumer Products Josh Simmon told Bloomberg people like to immerse themselves in the movies and TV shows they favor, and this is an opportunity to add to that experience.

The physical stores are being called “Netflix House.” In previous years, the streaming giant opened 40 pop-ups around the nation, which was a first in the physical building world for Netflix. Those pop-up shops had merchandise based on the most-popular shows.

In July, Netflix opened a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles that was called “Netflix Bites” — which featured food from “Chef’s Table” and “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.”

“From episode to entrée, with Netflix Bites we are creating an in-person experience where fans can immerse themselves in their favorite food shows” Simon said in a news release over the summer. “We are excited to collaborate with these incredible chefs who will bring this vision to life and showcase an array of their delicious menus.”

Netflix has not said where the Netflix House locations may be.

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