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Should cities be allowed to use red-light, traffic cameras?

Laura Bischoff in our Columbus Bureau is reporting that Dayton's fight over red light cameras is headed to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Here's some of her report:

Love them or hate them, the argument over red light cameras in Ohio will resume next week when the Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments on a lawsuit launched by the city of Dayton against the 2014 state law that effectively bans the electronic traffic cops.

Dayton is arguing that three elements of the 2014 law are unconstitutional because they undercut local municipalities’ home-rule authority to self-govern. A ruling on the case will likely have statewide ramifications.

Dayton first installed red light cameras in June 2002 and then in February 2010 added cameras to catch speeders as well. Tickets were treated as civil infractions, rather than criminal, and resulted in fines but no points on a driver’s license. A police officer would review video and photos before a citation would be issued.

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