Congressman Turner discusses immigration issue on WHIO: Audio

Turner says House set to deal with separating families.

Congressman Mike Turner met with President Donald Trump last night, along with other Republicans, to discuss the separation of parents and children at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Turner says a bill is moving through the House to “end that practice.”

He said it would not bring back “catch-and-release,” which he called a “failed policy.”

“This is a heartbreaking issue,” Turner said during an interview Wednesday morning with WHIO’s Brittany Otto.

Turner said he thinks the bill, backed by Speaker Paul Ryan, will get through the House.

“This affects people’s lives and we need to address this based on what’s good for America, what’s good for families, what’s good for people who seek the American dream,” Turner said.

Turner’s Democratic opponent in this fall’s election, Theresa Gasper, said Turner and other Republicans should tell President Donald Trump to take action.

“Mike Turner’s double-speak on this issue shows his lack of courage. The crisis at our southern border is a humanitarian issue, in need of compassionate solutions, especially because children have been subject to trauma and are vulnerable to abuse. Blatantly playing partisan politics is unacceptable.”

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