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Republicans plan to hit Ohio hard in 2016

Scott Wong has an article in The Hill published today addressing how Republicans plan to win Ohio in the 2016 presidential election. The last time the GOP won the Buckeye state was in 2004.

Of course the GOP kicked off its Ohio strategy by putting the 2016 national convention in Cleveland. Also, the first presidential debate was in Cleveland last week.

Wong reports that the RNC has 20 staffers assigned to Ohio and will eventually have as many as 175 field organizers.

"The RNC is also investing more in technology and data, including so-called “walk” apps, to help identify and target undecided voters," the article says.

“We're still 16 months out from the general election, so this is a big, early commitment from us,” said RNC spokesman Raffi Williams, who was in Cleveland for the debate. In comparison to past election cycles, he added that “it’s an earlier start; it’s a heavier investment.”

No Republican has ever became president without winning Ohio. The last candidate to become president but lost Ohio was John F. Kennedy in 1960.

In 2004, had John Kerry won Ohio he would have defeated George W. Bush in electoral votes. Another reminder of the importance of Ohio.


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