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Montel Williams backs Ohio marijuana issue

TV talk show host Montel Williams is scheduled to announce his support for state Issue 3 at a press conference Wednesday in Columbus.

“Ohio voters have been waiting for marijuana legislation for 20 years,” said Williams in a written release. “A vote for Issue 3 and against Issue 2 [which would Prevent Issue 3 from taking effect] provides relief to seriously ill Ohians and remedies a defect in criminal justice policy costing Ohio tax payers millions every year.”

Issue 3 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, authorize 10 sites for commercial pot production and allow for limited home growing of weed.

Issue 2 is a proposed constitutional amendment designed to block Issue 3 from taking effect, even if it passes, and make it significantly more difficult for special interests to use the ballot initiative to install a monopoly, oligopoly, cartel or special tax rate into the state constitution.

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