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Highlights from early GOP presidential debate

We're following the GOP's early debate in Cleveland. Here’s some of the highlights so far with the first seven GOP presidential candidates. LISTEN LIVE AT WHIO.COM


* On Fox News tonight Karl Rove said Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal were the best two in the first debate.

* Rick Perry says if elected president the Iran deal goes first. "Iran negotiation is going to be torn up on day one."

* Rick Santorum: Says on first day of presidency he would "institute an executive order to make sure that people of faith are not being -- not being harassed and persecuted by the federal government for standing up for the religious beliefs."

* Carly Fiorina: "I am a conservative because I believe no one of us is any better than any other one of us. Every one of us is gifted by God, whether it is those poor babies being picked over or it's someone whose life is tangled up in a web of dependence."

* Bobby Jindal says he’d launch and investigation of Planned Parenthood.

* Rick Santorum says recent gay marriage rulling “is a rogue Supreme Court decision.”

* Rick Perry says the first nice thing about a fellow candidate: “I’d rather have Carly Fiorina” negotiating the Iran deal than John Kerry.

* Rick Perry: We need to have coalition in Middle East to go after ISIS, need to send a clear message.

* Bobby Jindal asked if Ohio Gov. John Kasich was wrong to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. Bobby Jindal says “it’s a mistake to expand Medicaid.”

* Lindsey Graham: “Americans who want a better life, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton. You’re not going to get it.” on fighting ISIS he said: “If I have to monitor a mosque, I’ll monitor a mosque.”

* Rick Perry wants president who goes to office each day with the intent of securing border.

* George Pataki says to fight ISIS “We have to destroy training camps and recruiting centers.”

* Lindsey Graham on fighting ISIS: “If we don’t stop them over there, they are coming here.”

* Carly Fiorina takes on Donald Trump relationship with the Clintons. “I didn’t get a call from Bill Clinton.”

* Rick Perry says America needs a president who doesn’t just talk a big game, but delivers real results

* Rick Santorum: “Americans are tired of Washington corporate interests”

* Carley Fiorina, the former president of Hewlett-Packard, says she knows more world leaders than anyone else on the stage.

5 p.m.: First debate starts with 7 Republican candidates lowest in the polls - Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Jim Gilmore, George Pataki and Lindsey Graham.




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