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Check this out: Ohio libraries prove their worth

The Ohio Library Council released a new report that includes, well, a lot of well-earned boasting and bragging.

Five things about Ohio libraries:

1. For every $1 in public money spent on public libraries, Ohioans get $5.48 in economic value.

2. Ohio's average $2.88 cost per transaction is well below the national average.

3. Ohio has the second highest percentage of registered borrrowers at 77.7 percent. (Only Minnesota beats Ohio in this.)

4. Ohio ranks first nationwide for library visits per capita, averaging 7.5 visits per year for each Ohioan.

5. Per capita, Ohioans check out more materials than in any other state.

“We know Ohioans value their public libraries,” said Doug Evans, Executive Director, Ohio Library Council. “This report gives us measurable evidence that Ohio’s public libraries provide a significant economic benefit to Ohio and its residents.”

Ohio has 251 library districts.

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