This Ohio State-Michigan promo is perfect

The time is ticking down to the next installment of the greatest rivalry in all of sports: Ohio State-Michigan.

This Fox Sports promo does about as perfect a job of cutting to the core of the rivalry as possible in less than 30 seconds.

The key to The Game meaning what it does?

Most days something else is the focus, but this one always lingers. It's there as a subtext to every other matchup.

How do they match up? What will they be like in November? How will this one resonate through the years?

Most importantly: How could anyone possibly cope with losing it?


The network also had a cool preseason hype video for the Buckeyes.

Of course this one is a little ironic since more often than not over the past decade Ohio State has allowed Nike to have the Buckeyes wear helmets without Buckeye leaves for the Michigan game. The Game is only once a week but it’s always there

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