Sports Today: Billy Hamilton burns the Indians, effects of NBA draft decisions, how not to act on the Internet

In case you didn't wait out the rain delay — or turned the game off when Billy Hamilton was called out at first base in the ninth inning — you might like to see how the Reds-Indians game actually ended.

Yes, that's Billy Hamilton scoring from first base on a single. It sent the Reds to a 4-3 win over Cleveland.

Of course this was a great, thrilling and surprising win, and Reds fans rejoiced on social media.

There were fun fast takes on Twitter, and as of last check almost 2,000 people had liked our post about it on our Reds Facebook page.

And of course the fun haters came out, too.

If you’re a user of social media, here’s a tip: Don’t be this guy.

Or this guy.

I know the temptation is strong.

I’ve succumbed to it myself on more than one occasion I’m sure.

But just let it go.

The world will be a better place in the end if you just let people have their fun.

(Well, probably not, but it’s fun to pretend.)...

🎥— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) May 25, 2017

As for Hamilton being an MVP candidate, well that could be an interesting discussion even if he admittedly would be an outside-the-box candidate. The team would have to get back into first place, too, of course.

I am interested in advanced stats, but one sometimes fatal flaw the stat-heads tend to make is forgetting each game is self-contained. The numbers that paint a picture over the course of a full season don’t necessarily tell you when each run (be it scored or in some cases saved) was the difference in actually winning a game.

But that’s a longer discussion for another day.

Can the Reds make it three of four today and claim the allegedly coveted Ohio Cup? Who knows. But nobody said being predictable is fun, anyway…

With the deadline for pulling out of the NBA draft having come and gone, college basketball rosters are starting come into better focus. 

NBC Sports judges Kentucky among the winners because freshman Hamidou Diallo announced he will be a Wildcat next season.

He’s an interesting case because he enrolled at UK in the middle of the year and could have played in the latter part of last season but opted not to.

Coach John Calipari said earlier this month he would retire if an NBA team took Diallo, with no college experience, in the draft lottery. Looks like he’ll be around at least a little longer.

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Dayton fans will likely be interested to know Indiana is among the losers.

Archie Miller’s new team lost O.G. Anunoby, Thomas Bryant and James Blackmon Jr., though the Hoosiers do return Robert Johnson. (Guess he didn’t like what he heard when he was at the crossroads, so he’s headed back to sweet home Bloomington.)

Also on the wrong side of this list is Purdue. The Boilermakers lost Big Ten Player of the Year Caleb Swanigan, though they return Middletown graduate Vincent Edwards.

If men’s basketball still mattered at Ohio State, it would be worth pointing out Michigan State was judged to be the No. 1 winner.

Stud forward Miles Bridges is back to lead a Spartans team that will hope to be less disappointing next winter than it was last winter...

If you didn’t see it last night, I hope you’ll check out my column on Luke Fickell’s visit to Kettering this week. 

The new coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats looked very “head coach-idential” as he made the trip up I-75 to be the keynote speaker at the Agonis Club awards banquet.

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Also in attendance for the banquet was Ohio State freshman Josh Myers, a five-star offensive line prospect from Miamisburg who won the Agonis Club award for the high school athlete of the year.

I’ll have more on Myers later.

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