Reds rumblings: Gennett, Cozart homer, but good news in short supply

Monday was more miserable than usual for the Reds, who lost 6-2 in Cleveland to fall to 2-9 since the All-Star break, and questions keep popping up about the Queen City’s Major League Baseball team.

They’re not fun questions.

Lance McCallister, host at the Reds’ flagship am radio station 700 WLW, wonders if the front office is wasting time. 🤷🤷🤷

All-Star shortstop Zack Cozart and Scooter Gennett hit solo home runs, but that was just about it for good news against the Indians.

🛴— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) July 25, 2017

Even the mention of Cozart kind of hurts, as speculation about whether or not he'll be traded before the end of the month continues to percolate in all corners of the MLB universe. 😞😞😞

After the game, Zack alternated between sounding like he’s resigned to departure and not being so sure there will be suitors for him.

"It's always going to be there when you're where I'm at in my career, coming down to the Deadline and being a free agent after the year, you know your name is going to be thrown around," Cozart told

"It's crazy how many great young shortstops there are because there are no contenders that need shortstops, which is surprising. You just have to play with it and deal with it. There's nothing you can do about it, and you just have to keep playing."

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