Flashback: That time former Buckeye Ted Ginn Jr.’s team beat Usain Bolt

You know how some players have football speed and some have track speed, but not everyone has both?

Ted Ginn Jr. does.

He also has memories about winning a race that included the current (and maybe all-time) fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt.

“He was the anchor, and I was the second leg,” Ginn told ESPN recently of a race that occurred during his high school days at Cleveland Glenville. “I opened up and gave us that lead that he couldn’t get back. So, you know, man, I’ve done run against the best of the best.”

That Ginn has world-class speed is no revelation. He was a national champion hurdler for the Tarblooders, and he admits to wondering what might have been at times as the Olympics go on in Rio.

“Just watching it on TV right now, I kind of get goosebumps on certain races,” he said.

Like the 4x400, the 400, 200, 110, that gives me goosebumps, because a lot of them guys are No. 1 guys we raced in high school.”