‘Cincinnati Chili Bowl’: City exploring possibility of new college football bowl game

Cincinnati’s sports commission is exploring the possibility of a new college football bowl game at TQL Stadium.

The board of the Cincinnati USA Sports Commission announced last week it will conduct a feasibility study for the “Cincinnati Chili Bowl.” The bowl game they’re hoping for would be played at TQL Stadium and would feature two Division I conferences. Eligible teams would be invited to play in the December postseason game.

Plans for fan engagement would include “bourbon and crat beer tours, culinary tours, college marching band, cheer and dance team challenges, an esports tournament between the two schools and a fan fest,” according to a release from the commission.

Discussions with conferences are underway, the sports commission said. If the event is approved, it would air exclusively on the CW Network.

The Cincinnati USA Sports Commission said the goal of the “Cincinnati Chili Bowl” is to promote the region along with benefiting the athletes and universities involved.

If approved, the day after the game, dozens of corporate leaders will be invited to host a “Big Wigs Business Brunch” where student-athletes from both schools can meet and network to discuss future employment opportunities.

According to the commission, proceeds from the game will be used by the commission to attract new sporting events to the Tri-State with the goal of boosting the local economy.

Nothing is set in stone yet and no timeline was released about how long the feasibility study would take or when they would like the first game. The commission said the feasibility study will be led by Game Day CEO Jackie Reau and a few other prominent businessmen including Steven Young and John Schenk.

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