Boys basketball power rankings: Who are the top teams in the area?

Here’s who we consider the top boys high school basketball teams for the area power rankings.

Division I

1. Butler (5-0): d. Greenville 75-22, d. Northmont 70-60; hosts Troy on Fri., hosts Sidney on Tue.

2. Springfield (2-2): d. Miamisburg 36-31, lost 73-61 at Upper Arlington; at Centerville on Fri.

3. Sidney (3-1): d. Troy 67-48; hosts Piqua on Fri., at Butler on Tue.

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4. Wayne (2-2): d. Beavercreek 53-48; hosts Cin. Moeller on Fri., hosts Miamisburg on Tue.

5. Centerville (2-2): d. Fairmont 53-50, lost 75-65 at Trotwood-Madison; hosts Springfield on Fri., hosts Beavercreek on Tue.

Others: Beavercreek, Belmont, Carroll, Fairborn, Fairmont, Franklin, Lebanon, Miamisburg, Northmont, Piqua, Springboro, Stebbins, Tecumseh, Troy, Xenia.

Division II

1. Trotwood-Madison (2-0): d. West Carrollton 133-50, d. Centerville 75-65; hosts Xenia on Fri., at Stebbins on Tue.

2. Chaminade Julienne (3-0): d. Cin. Purcell Marian 56-52, d. Versailles 51-46; at Cin. roger Bacon on Fri., vs. Alter at Centerville on Sun.

3. Fenwick (3-0): d. Cin. Roger Bacon 63-46, d. Talawanda 72-43; at Cin. Purcell Marian on Fri., at Lebanon on Sat.

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4. Thurgood Marshall (2-2): d. Ponitz 65-47, d. Alter 68-60; at Stivers on Fri., hosts Graham on Tue.

5. Graham (5-0): d. Northwestern 63-40, d. Miami East 62-49, d. Bethel 68-52; at Ben Logan on Fri., hosts Brookville on Sat.

Others: Alter, Bellbrook, Bellefontaine, Clinton-Massie, Dunbar, Eaton, Greenville, Kenton Ridge, Meadowdale, Northridge, Northwestern, Oakwood, Ponitz, Spg. Shawnee, Tippecanoe, Urbana, Valley View, West Carrollton, Wilmington.

Division III

1. Stivers (3-0): d. Belmont 56-54, d. Ponitz 63-57; hosts Thurgood Marshall on Fri., hosts Miami Valley on Tue.

2. Brookville (5-0): d. Valley View 59-55, d. Dixie 58-25, d. Eaton 61-41; at Graham on Sat.

3. National Trail (4-0): d. Bradford 75-18, d. Preble Shawnee 81-49; at Arcanum on Fri., hosts Greenon on Sat., hosts TV South on Tue.

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4. Bethel (3-1): d. Newton 64-47, lost 68-52 to Graham; hosts Mississinawa Valley on Fri., at Anna on Sat., hosts Franklin Monroe on Tue.

5. Troy Christian (2-2): d. Franklin Monroe 44-42, lost 47-40 at Catholic Central; at Jefferson on Fri., at Emmanuel Christian on Tue.

Others: Anna, Arcanum, Carlisle, Coldwater, Dayton Christian, Dixie, Greeneview, Greenon, Houston, Indian Lake, Miami East, Milton-Union, Northeastern, Preble Shawnee, Twin Valley South, Versailles, Waynesville, West Liberty-Salem.

Division IV

1. Marion Local (0-0): at Versailles on Fri, Dec. 21.

2. Fort Loramie (1-0): d. Houston 47-40; hosts Jackson Center on Fri., at New Bremen on Sat.

3. Catholic Central (4-0): d. Madison Plains 65-51, d. Greeneview 55-34; at Cedarville on Fri., at Lehman Catholic on Sat., hosts Greenon on Tue.

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4. Emmanuel Christian (4-0): d. Miami Valley 62-38, d. Troy Christian 52-46; at Middletown Christian on Fri., hosts Yellow Springs on Tue.

5. Minster (3-0): d. Botkins 68-42; at Delphos St. John’s on Fri., hosts Wapakoneta on Sat.

Others: Ansonia, Botkins, Bradford, Cedarville, Covington, East Dayton Christian, Fairlawn, Fort Recovery, Franklin Monroe, Jackson Center, Jefferson, Legacy Christian, Lehman Catholic, Mechanicsburg, Miami Valley, Mississinawa Valley, New Bremen, New Knoxville, Newton, Parkway, Russia, Southeastern, St. Henry, Tri-County North, Tri-Village, Triad, Yellow Springs.

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