Anthony Grant in Bahamas: Flyers getting acclimated ahead of Battle 4 Atlantis opener

Dayton arrived on Paradise Island on Monday night and play Wednesday

Dayton Flyers coach Anthony Grant spoke at a press conference on Paradise Island in the Bahamas on Tuesday, one day before his team plays Butler in the first round of the Battle 4 Atlantis at Imperial Gym.

Here’s a transcript of the press conference:

On the trip so far and participating in the Battle 4 Atlantis: "It's been really good so far. We got in yesterday and the guys are getting acclimated. They've had a chance to walk around the beautiful venue. (We're) happy to be here. Great weather, a little different than what we left in Ohio, so, excited about the preparations and getting ready for the tournament to start tomorrow."

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On balancing the business at hand with also letting the team get a chance to enjoy the experience: "Yes, without question. It's a beautiful facility, a beautiful venue. For the majority of our guys, it's the first time having a chance to be in the Bahamas and be at the Atlantis, so if we get an opportunity to take advantage of some down time, certainly we want them to have a chance to enjoy this experience, but it is a business trip and we've got a tough task in terms of three games in three days with Butler in front of us, who is an outstanding team. We will have to be extremely well prepared to play them, but right now I think we are able to manage both of those areas."

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On Josh Cunningham's (wrist) injury and his recovery: "He's good to go. I think we were fortunate that it was something that just needed a little rest as opposed to something that could've been more extended missed time for him. I think he's in good shape. He's still got tape and a brace that he's wearing just for protective measures, but he's not limited in any way in terms of what he's able to do."

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On his team's start and offensive struggles: "We're a work in progress. We're three games into the season, and every game brings a different challenge both offensively and defensively. We still have things we need to get better at, and we'll take it one game at a time. Butler is an outstanding defensive team, so we'll have some challenges in terms of being able to execute and find quality shots against their defense, and also on the other end of the ball in terms of a defensive standpoint we are dealing with guys that are experienced, guys that shoot the ball really well. So from a game-plan standpoint, every game brings different challenges, as I'm sure Butler will for us."

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