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AFC North totally dominates in Twitter emoji hashtags

If you looked at the official NFL Twitter emoji hashtags and thought, “Huh?” you probably weren’t alone.

While it’s cool to try to organize the conversation around America’s favorite sport, some of them fit better than others.

Not many, but some.

Before conversation about them spirals out of control, we thought it would be appropriate to break them down into a few categories.

We’ll start with the best and work our way down…

Actual team cheers or nicknames you've heard of: The Bengals (WhoDey) and Browns (DawgPound) lucked out because they got hashtags that both look cool and actually fit their teams. (And fans might actually remember them or use them without prompting, for what that's worth, which would seem to be a lot…)

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Maybe it’s something about the AFC North because the Steelers (HereWeGo) also fit this category along with Green Bay (GoPackGo) out of the NFC North and the Seahawks (WeAre12) in the NFL West. We’ll throw RaiderNation in here, too, along with the Panthers (KeepPounding), although you get bonus superfan points if you’ve heard of the latter.

Apparent team cheers we can't imagine many people know or would use: ForTheShoe (Colts), RiseUp (Falcons), TitanUp (self-explanatory), SiegeTheDay (Sorry, we're not telling. You'll have to figure it out on your own), FinsUp (See previous entry) and MobSquad (Still not telling).

Literally just the team name: It looks like the PR departments for the Cowboys, Broncos, Patriots, Jaguars, Chiefs and Chargers just forgot to hit Twitter back on that email seeking submissions.

Basically just the team name: GoNiners, GoBills, Saints50, WeAreTexans, GiantsPride.

Marginally clever play on words: OnePride (Lions)

Meaningless phrase based on team color: BeRedSeeRed (Cardinals),

They just added a word that means "grouping": RavensFlock

Seemingly encouraging the use of chewing tobacco: Skol (Vikings)

Unintelligible if you don't know the team's fight song*: HTTR (Redskins)

Simply the worst: Chicago

We’d like to find out “BearDown” is caught up in some sort of rights dispute because “FeedDaBears” is neither creative nor catchy.

Nor is it, you know, “BearDown,” which like “Hale to the Redskins” (see previous entry) comes from one of the many awesome old-fashioned NFL fight songs that have stood the test of time.

Just don’t be too subliminal with it, ya know?