BMV corrects license plate error for disabled veterans, issues refunds

Disabled veterans will be issued refunds if they paid for specialty license plates that should have been provided for free, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle announced Thursday.

“The BMV deeply regrets this error,” said Charlie Norman, Ohio BMV Registrar. “We are grateful for Ohio veterans’ sacrifice and their service to our state and our country. We are undertaking an internal review to determine why the legislative change wasn’t adopted in a timely manner to ensure that this will not happen in the future.”

The BMV estimates that nearly 2,000 people were improperly charged for these license plates, as well as fees and taxes, since a law went into effect in October 2019 that allows certain disabled veterans to receive up to two free disabled veteran license plates and/or military license plates.

The average refund is expected to be approximately $60.

The BMV is in the process of contacting all veterans who were improperly charged, and refunds for these veterans will be processed within the next month.

The BMV has implemented a processing change so that veterans who qualify for free disabled/military license plates are not charged in the future. The law applies specifically to veterans with a service-connected disability who are declared 100% disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The law does not apply to personalized specialty disabled/military license plates.

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