TEBAY (Murphy), Joan

Jensen Beach, Florida. Joan Murphy Tebay, 84, of 931 Nettles BLVD., Jensen Beach, Florida, passed away January 29, 2019, in Stuart, Florida. Joan was born in Needham, Massachusetts, on March 13, 1934, to Mary and Larry Chilson. Joan's mother died soon after childbirth; Joan was adopted by Mildred and

Patrick Murphy. Mildred was Joan's aunt on her mother's side. Patrick worked for the Railroad retirement Service and had to move frequently. However, Joan spent considerable time in Cleveland, Ohio. It was in Cleveland that she worked at a

public playground in the summer between her freshman and sophomore year at Miami University. She enjoyed the

experience so much that when she returned to Miami in the fall, she changed her Major from nursing to education. It was at Miami that she met her future husband, Bill Egel. Joan Graduated with a degree in Education. She married Bill in 1955 and moved with him to Raleigh, North Carolina, where Bill had been drafted in the Army. While in Raleigh, Joan put her degree to good use and taught at a public elementary school. When Bill left the Army, the couple moved to Fairborn, Ohio, where Bill taught science and math and,

eventually, became junior high principal. While in Fairborn, Joan raised two children and taught several different

elementary grades. Joan and Bill divorced in 1996; Joan later met and married Don Tebay. For many years, Joan and Don wintered in Florida and summered in Wisconsin.

Since Joan moved frequently while growing up, she learned to make good friends everywhere she lived. Many of these

relationships developed into lifelong friendships. Joan was particularly close to her father Patrick. She liked to tell stories about the fun she had with her father; Patrick never raised his voice when disciplining Joan. In turn, Joan learned to have fun and still make her parents proud.

Joan was devoted to her children, helping them to understand life as well as the multiplication tables. Joan enjoyed playing games, whether with her children or grandchildren or with her many friends. In Jensen Beach, with her second

husband Don Tebay, Joan was involved in many clubs and taught a computer course. Joan enjoyed getting to know

Don's daughters.

Joan is survived by her husband Don Tebay of Jensen Beach, FL, as well as her sons Dan, his wife Denise, and Dean and her daughters-in-law Jenny, Leslie and Kim. Joan also had several grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Joan was preceded in death by her first husband Bill.