July 3, 1949 – Dec. 10, 2020

Dayton, Ohio

A true symbol of impeccable style and taste, Penny devoted most of her life to making

people feel beautiful. She used her talent to "dress" her clients, friends and family, thankfully, never holding back her

opinion.You always knew what she thought about fashion, décor, cooking and planning events and celebrations. She was honest and always stayed true to herself.

In a labor of love of the purest kind, Penny cared for her mother through her difficult final years, making sure that she had a life of comfort, quality and dignity.

She was a proud champion of women's causes, inspiring and inviting friends to join her in her passions.

Penny was a voracious reader devouring anything and everything while constantly striving to add innovative ideas to her innate design knowledge. She loved to learn…loved theater, musicals, movies and documentaries as well as rock and roll.

She had an incredibly adventurous nature and loved to travel, her exploits beginning with Woodstock in 1969 all the way up to her most recent trip to the Middle East with her "sisters, " Lisa and Sue and her husband Jerry.

A lover of fine food, as well as just plain, down home comfort fare, Penny could not only advise where to dine, but what to order! She was an amazing chef in her own right although more humble about her abilities than those lucky enough to enjoy her cooking.

There was no one in the world that Penny loved more than her devoted husband, Jerry. She believed until the end that she had lived a great life and owed that to Jerry and their wonderful friendships.

Penny had a certain je ne sais quois—an indescribable quality that made her truly unique. And her laugh—nothing like it—infectious joyous and wonderful…probably what we will miss most of all.

We are truly blessed to be among those whom Penny loved, and to be able to continue to be enveloped in her legacy.

Penny was pre-deceased by her mother, Dottie Zunis and is survived by her loving husband, Jerry; beloved sisters-in-law Sue Spiegel and Lisa Hanauer; son, Zach Spiegel (Sandy), brothers Steven Nichols (Lisa); Zach Zunis (Nitchie);

Christopher Zunis (Karlissa); numerous grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and many friends who she loved and who loved and adored her. There will be a celebration of Penny's life in the spring, or as soon as it is safe to gather.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution in Penny's memory to two organizations that were very meaningful to her: Ohio's Hospice of Dayton at 324 Wilmington Ave., Dayton, OH 45420; Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, 224 N Wilkinson St, Dayton, 45402.

Glickler Funeral Home is handleing the arrangements.

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