William Franklin

March 27, 1926 to March 3, 2021

Bill Patterson who led a rich and full life has answered his last roll call. He lived a life of art, which defined his 95 years and his perspective of wisdom, laughter and the love of his family who treasures the legacy he gave us. He was preceded in death by the love of his life, Jane Patterson, in 2016.

His life of being aware and involved in the community of Dayton, in Ohio, as an Army veteran and a citizen of the

United States and the earth, along with his life of art made our lives and anyone who knew him rich and full.

The last 4 years fed his internal fires with a smoldering disgust against the idiocy and meanness and that kept Dad alive. Now that wisdom and calmness has prevailed along with

democracy, Bill Patterson is leaving the rest to us.

Dad loved to read famous quotes, and said that wiser soul's words are always better. Well he was pretty wise. Dad told us often, "don't sweat the small stuff . . . the sun will still come up every day and if it doesn't we've got bigger problems".

Graduate of the Dayton Art Institute, U.S. Army veteran of World War II, President of Dayton Art Center, President of Dayton Advertising Club, Dayton Advertising Club Lifetime Achievement Medal, Elected member of the Dayton Board of Education, Chairman of the Dayton Museum of Natural History Board, Chairman of the Friends of the Museum,

In lieu of flowers, and in honor of Dad's passion for the arts and art education, please make a donation to the Seedling Foundation which supports Stivers School for the Arts.

The Seedling Foundation, PO Box 1858, Dayton, OH 45401.