HEMPFLING, Daniel John

Daniel John Hempfling, 35, from Miamisburg, Ohio, passed away on February 1, 2021. Dan was a loving and beloved son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, co-worker, gamer, reader, and someone that treasured the bonds of family. Dan's

character was exemplified by his relationships. He was kind and compassionate. He wanted to know if you were okay and would seek you out to make sure. Dan knew what you cared about and would ask you about it before you thought to bring it up. Although Dan wasn't a father, he was always ready with a dad-like joke. His mastery of puns was legendary. In fact, you might say (as he certainly would) that right up until the very end, he was "punstoppable."

Unfortunately, Dan's life was also shaped by his long-time battle with cancer. He was originally diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in 1999 and fought courageously and valiantly for over two decades, which included numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Despite his own health

challenges, Dan wouldn't let these setbacks slow him down. Throughout his teen years he was a proud member of Boy Scout Troop 103 in Miamisburg, an activity that complemented his love of the outdoors. A fond memory during these

challenging years was a time when nearly the entire troop shaved their heads in a gesture of solidarity and brotherhood. Later in life, Dan worked hard to graduate from the Dayton School of Medical Massage. As a massage therapist, he was passionate about using his skills to provide relief to clients who were also dealing with the pain associated with illness or injury.

Dan had every reason to be mad at the world, but he never was. His bravery, kindness, and inner light always shone through. If you were going through a hard time, and Dan was around, by the end of the conversation you would likely be smiling, laughing, and have forgotten about your own

worries. He was also always happy to just sit with you. He

didn't have to say anything, but it made things better just to have him there.

Dan was a lifelong learner who was passionate about acquiring knowledge of all kinds, particularly scientific knowledge. As a result, he elected to donate his body to The Ohio State

University Medical Center, so future doctors can learn from him and improve the lives of countless others.

Dan is survived by his loving parents, Rick and Melissa Hempfling; his brothers and sisters-in-law Michael and

Alexandra Giovinazza, Mark and Elizabeth Brown, and Chris and Michele Hempfling. He is also mourned by numerous

nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and


In recognition of the excellent care he received as a youth, memorial contributions in honor of Dan can be directed to the Dayton Children's Hospital or the Dayton Chapter of A Special Wish Foundation. No funeral service will be held at this time. Dan's family will organize a memorial service at a later date.

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