ELSTUN, Carl Kemper "CK"

Carl Kemper (CK) Elstun, aged ninety years, died Tuesday,

February 16th, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is survived by his

sister, Nancy Elstun; his

children, Kemper Christian (KC) Elstun and Linda Elstun; one grandchild and four great-grandchildren.

He was a renaissance man. He was a painter, a sculptor, a gifted writer, an inventor, a pilot, a classical music aficionado, and a United States Army veteran.

As the founder of The Wheelchair Pilots Association, he developed a hand rudder control to allow paraplegics to learn to fly. A voracious reader, he enjoyed books on philosophy, the theory of Relativity and Quantum String Theory.

In the 1960s and 1970s he was a familiar face and voice on television. He was the weatherman for WDTN channel 2 and his mellow baritone was heard as the "booth announcer"

during commercial breaks.

Later in his career he did volunteer work for the Western Ohio Reading Development Service, WORDS, Inc. This service

provided broadcasts of the daily newspapers being read aloud for blind and sight impaired members of the community.

In accordance with CK's long-standing wishes, his remains are being donated to The Wright State Anatomical Gift Program.

"Cogito ergo sum."

-René Descartes

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